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Founders Club Members will receive "special" opportunities throughout our upcoming years but SPECIAL Pre-Opening PRIVATE EVENTS

More Info to come... but know that we will be offering

5 Tiers... Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold,


Members receive invites to

PRIVATE Pre-Opening Activities & Private Patio Gatherings in the upcoming seasons...

Some examples of the things that will be offered include Free Seats, Free Upgrades, Free Activities with BONUS Invites... Free Use of the Outdoor Private Patio Area for your Private Parties

Free GRAND OPENING T-Shirt or Free V.I.P. Apparel &/OR HUGE Discounts from our V.I.P. Store & sooooo Much More to come!!! :) 

SPECIAL Craft Classes... Such as "Have You Ever Wanted to Make Something Really BIG... Like REALLY REALLY BIG... me too... (more details to come!!)

Free Make-It-Take-Its, Add-On Bonus Boards... Many Opportunities will ONLY be available to Founders Club Members.

If You're Thinking... But I don't know you yet... I have no idea what your studio is like or what it is going to be like... well here, take a look at the below video... that will show you a glimpse of who we are currently & what we have going on over in Lima, OH... this is from an actual party at our other location.

Many New things are on the Horizons for the Ft. Wayne Studio... including both Private In-door & Out-door Private Event areas... & we expect everything to be ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!

For all of you who don't want to associate with the alcohol part of it... well guess what?!? We will be having Special Non-Alcoholic Events, & since we are NOT part of a franchise... we will be offering many New & exciting Classes...

while offering WAY MORE than just Canvas & WOOD Parties!!!

We have soooo many ideas & I want to share them all... but I will wait... but for now, just know that Fort Wayne, we have finally arrived... & we will be different... because we are NOT made with a cookie cutter or part of a franchise... We are Premier.


Shop for your Gifts with us... but purchase your FOUNDERS CLUB E-Gift Certificates & receive all of the ADDED ON Bonuses & Special Invites for FREE & Receive FREE Bonus Boards & Invites to Free &/OR Deeply Discounted Activities!!! 

We will try to be MORE than Just a traditional Paint Studio...

We offer both Wood Parties, Canvas Parties, & soooo much more...

We try to add in that "WOW factor" to your artwork & we let "you" have creative control to "create".


customization, & SOOOOO Much more at

 Premier Paint & Sip

Paint & Sip



Due to things beyond our control


Fort Wayne, IN

(Across from Jefferson Pointe Mall & Best Buy)

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