Paint & Sip Studio


The Premier Paint & Sip Studio is THE Place to throw your next pARTy!!!

It's GREAT for a Girls Night Out, Date Night, Birthday Celebrations, Bachelorette Parties, and a Fantastic place for your Companies Social Event, Client Appreciation, and what a Great Idea for a Club or even your Organizations Fundraiser... everything you can think of and sooo much more.

We're your BEST choice for a fun night out!!!    It's new. It's trendy. It's FUN!!!

Small Party

Smaller Groups have reserved seating within the main studio... you are the VIP of the event when you have at least 6+ painters and with that you get to choose the painting choice. I
f you would like an area that is exclusive to you, call us... we have some options. During the warmer months at our Fort Wayne location, you may reserve the outdoor patio space exclusively for your group or depending upon the date, we may be able to reserve one of our adjoining rooms that can be used for your rehreshments &/or as a private room for your group to mingle in or open up gifts in.


If you have a Larger group... then you may also book the large main room.... it can "comfortably" accommodate up to 40 painters. This room is used for public events on the weekends, but if you have a minimum of 30+ painters you may have EXCLUSIVE use of the room for your own "private" event and we would close it off from public reservations.

If you don't have that many painters, but you prefer this space, then that's fine... we will set you up in a reserved seating area or as the "VIP Group" of the evening... but we would still allow public reservations... and would seat them around your group, at the other tables.

VIP... What does that mean?

This means, you have a minimum of 6+ painters in your group and you have chosen to become the "hostess" for your group AND the 1st VIP of the night, gets to choose what we paint for that session!!! We can have more than one VIP group each evening, but seating preference will be given to the groups in the order of registrations (limit of 2 VIPs per event).

With the VIP Status... you paint for FREE when you have 10+ painters pre-registered and taken care of. So basically, You become the designated person responsible for coordinating the event and communicating to us any questions/information needed for your group etc.... and you also communicate to us the refreshment desires &/or any special needs for your group. By having one designated person handling this, it ultimately helps us provide a better experience for you and everyone in your group and in exchange you paint for Free as the 11th person.

Individual Pricing (16" x 20" Canvas)

2 hour Sessions are only $25 per painter (without the refreshment package) and $35 with the FULL refreshment package. (At this point in time, we have a limited amount of paintings that can be used as a 2-hour session.... call if interested for more details). 2 Hour session are typically children and sometimes teens; however, most older teens still prefer the higher detailed paintings requiring a 3-hour session.

3 hour Sessions are only $35 per painter (without the refreshment package) and $45 with the FULL refreshment package. This is by far the most POPULAR session. Most paintings need at least 3 hours to have time for the detail. We always strive our best to get everyone finished painting on time, but always allow extra time just in case it is needed and to allow time at the end for looking at the creations and also for pictures. Faster 2-hour sessions are available but it would be a much more simplistic version of the painting and be more of a juvenile level.

4 hour Sessions are $45 per painter (without the refreshment package) and $55with the FULL refreshment package. These are slightly more advanced and by far are the most coveted paintings in the gallery. We suggest "if" this is your first time painting... please attend a few other sessions first. It is not that we are not confident in our ability to guide you through the painting, but more about keeping your moral and confidence lifted up. We truly want you to enjoy your experience painting but if this is your first time ever painting... you may struggle in "believing" that this painting will look anything like the finished piece at the end. Once you have experienced the methods used a few times personally and learned how the painting process works and seen that YES, you really can do this, you may struggle with believing and trusting in the finished product.... (so if you are not experienced with painting it is our recommendation that you do 2 -3 other sessions first).


Minimum pricing for a childʼs private event is based on the canvas size selected and includes a 2 hour painting session with all art supplies/materials provided for a minimum of 10 painters. This does not mean you must have 10 painters; however, we do require a minimum fee equal to the amount of 10 painters. A session with the regular sized gallery wrapped canvases would cost $250 with our standard size of 16" x 20" (or $25 per painter) or we also offer a smaller sized gallery wrapped canvas, the 11" x 14" at the rate of $200 (or $20 per painter). Additional painters are priced according to the corresponding canvas size. Private parties must be paid in advance to reserve the date. No refunds will be given but reschedules can be made with a minimum of a 48-hour notice. If you are interested in hosting a private event, please contact us for a reservation.

Minimum pricing for an adult private event is $350 with art supplies/materials provided for up to 10 painters. If more than 10 painters, each additional person will cost $35 based upon a 3-hour painting session... (limited amount of 4-hour sessions are available, and at the rate of $450 or $45 per person). A basic refreshment package is available for an additional $10 per painter. If you have individuals that do not wish to purchase the package, but the night of the event they would like to purchase a water or pop... we do have it available for individual purchase. If you have Interest in providing your own refreshments... Call for more information on specifics/restrictions. (419-605-7945)


A Painting Event is an entertainment event similar to a going to a concert, dinner theater, etc. We do allow reschedules but we do REQUIRE a min. 48-hour notice. Cancellations/reschedules should be made via phone  (call or text 419-605-7945) or email ( ). We will charge the event fee for reservations not phoned in or rescheduled with 48 hours notice.