We offer Wood parties where the artist will instruct everyone through the same painting choice... just like we do in our canvas sessions. These images were designed for wood but turn out great on canvas too.

We also offer sessions using quality hand made stencils. Each painter may choose a different design and the instructor will walk everyone through the same steps to complete their project.  We call these sessions "Build-A-Board" 


What Is A "Build-A-Board" Session??

The Below Samples may be chosen to do at ANY Session designated as a "Build-A-Board" Session.

(Wood requires additional Space so Seating is Limited)


Samples to come...being made each week... please submit any requests or idea

Each individual pre-selects which board they wish to

create in a  "Build-A-Board" Workshop.

 Everyone can do a different sign/board because the instructions will be "basically" the same... you will just be using different words that have been created to match your wood layout choice that you selected. Each individual will choose the paint colors at the Build-A-Board Paint pARTy. Each individual will paint and assemble all boards and will use a power tool. The Instructor will guide everyone through this process. 

  • We will all paint our boards together, choosing our own individual colors...
  • We will assemble our boards together....
  • We will each apply our own custom stencil made specifically for you.

All boards & stencils need to be pre-cut before you arrive at your pARTy, so you MUST SUBMIT all NEEDED INFORMATION to enable adequate time to make your personalized stencil.

 After registering for your seat, please click on the

SUBMIT INFO BUTTON... located on the Date of your Build-A-Board Session.  Info MUST be submitted at least 7 days prior to the pARTy. Last minute registrations will be able to do the ones that do not require personalization... such as a Welcome Sign, Inspirational Graphic, Favorite Scripture. etc. Please call 419-413-0544 if you have any issues submitting info or if you have any questions.

 We are ALWAYS Taking REQUESTs... so if you have a Favorite Scripture or Motivational Saying... please email to: 

PaintAndSipStudio@gmail.com or text it to 419-413-0544

Below are images of Welcome Boards or What we like to call a "PLANK PARTY"

A few Individuals could choose a Plank with text only on it to do during a Build-A-Board Session; however, if you see artwork... that is typically NOT a stencil... but rather something that the artist leading the group would guide you through. Depending upon the size of the group and how much instruction you will need would depend upon if the instructor could guide you at the same time while still maintaining the pace of leading the rest of the room. Feel free to give us a Call to discuss :)

Wood Sessions

with the

Paint & Sip