Call me if you have something else in mind for yours!!! I am making up an OSU one currently but any of these designs off to the right would fit appropriately on it.


During a Build-A-Board partythe focus is on projects that you paint & "assemble" but we do offer a seperate type of session called Plank Party or Welcome Board Party where the focus is on Tall 2-sided Planks. Depending upon the size of the Build-A-Board group, a few individuals could do the Tall Welcome Boards or Planks shown below... (they are reversible... meaning you paint both sides), BUT you must understand that MOST artwork is NOT a stencil & usually taught by the artist leading the group & in this case, the artists will be busy guiding the group through their building process. Typically ONLY the lettering is a Cut Vinyl Stencil so please do NOT pick a design that you are not comfortable painting on with minimal guidance. Also, the pace of each group will be different so you may have to be patient if again the instructor is busy focusing on the group assembling wood pieces. Ultimately we strive for you to be able to do the designs that you like while still maintaining the group as a whole... leading everyone through a SMOOTH yet enjoyable experience. :)

I am working on getting color choices uploaded of background colors... but the photos are NOT the most accurate... so until that happens, we will communicate directly through phone pics &/or email :)

Here is a what the B

looks like... to order this

Split Font it is listed above​ in the Stencil Choice area. I will send

you a picture of what 

your Monogram Letter

​looks like :)

Monogram ideas Ideas showed below of other things that could look nice on a Stove Cover

Here is a new design I am working on... What do you think ? It can be with or without the embellishments around the words :)

Build-A-Board pARTy

Paint & Sip

Submit your order by completing the info to the left and hitting the submit button (located below the form).

When I receive your order I will be sending you pictures of your custom layout for approval. 

After you have approved the design/layout/size, the stencil will be ready to be cut. All changes in the design MUST be communicated to me PRIOR to final approval and cutting. Once the stencil has been cut... there can be no changes without paying for a new vinyl stencil (again clear communication is key :) ). 

Payment is preferred when placing the order but due to the nature of Customization & the amount of time that can go into a project... a minimum of a 50% deposit is due before I begin the process of making your "Custom" Stove Top Cover.  If partial payment was made, the remaining balance is due upon completion.

 We ask that all items be picked up promptly but within a reasonable time frame. If special arrangements need to be made... communication directly by phone/text is best. If shipping needs to occur, I will communicate directly to you the postage price before shipping. 

Please understand that due to the nature of painting/staining wood... many color variations may occur. There will be various knots and woodgrain marks and imperfections in wood.  If you would like to see your boards in person or wish to choose out your boards we can set up a time for you to meet us in the Workshop located in Van Wert, Oh. 

NOTE: I am making these to sit on top of the stove edges... because of everyone has slightly different glass tops & edges... I have found that I like it on top covering edge to edge. Call me to discuss your stove needs..

Please understand that once color has been applied to the wood, the color can be made darker (Not lighter) or tinted slightly to a different direction but we may be limited on the variations that can take place once the wood is dry; therefore, it is critical to have clear communication prior to staining the wood to ensure that we are making you a product that you will be happy with. Please keep in mind that all major color changes MUST happen before the stencil has been applied.

My Phone # is 419-413-0544 Feel Free to Call Me to discuss or answer any of your ?'s :)

(p.s. I take phone calls till midnight at least... so do not worry about calling late)