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If you know what you want on your Welcome Planks &/or You desire a Particular Saying as shown below... please go to the calendar... scroll down to the date of the party that you will be attending... and click on the red box that says "Submit Stencil Info" so that a Stencil can be pre-cut for you before your arrival.  By doing so, you will have a stencil reserved just for you. We will have a few extras available of some of the designs at the studio (just in case you want to change your mind)... but IF YOU KNOW OR THINK YOU KNOW... please submit your request to ensure that we have what you want to be prepared. Also, Alphabet Stencils are available in a variety of sizes & fonts. So if you decide you want to be completely creative and spuratic that day... they will be available to help. Ultimately, we hope to have the appropriate tools available so that you can have a Fun creative experience while having some freedom to create it as you want.

Most Planks or Porch Boards are REVERSIBLE, so you may choose a design for each side.  Wood classes are longer to allow the extra time for you to complete both sides; however, it is your responsibility to do your best to stay at the pace of the group to ensure that you have enough time to get the back side completed. The instructor will do their best to keep everyone on pace but they also try to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere and not a sense of rushing... (99% will have no problem getting both sides completed within the class time, but we will not force that 1% to hurry). Some of the designs are not meant to be reversible... but ultimately it is your choice, typically the reverse is made with cut stencils and may not be made from cut vinyl (the studio chooses the appropriate method based upon the designs chosen). 

Some things can be made smaller... for teens, older children, or as a group project such as the examples below of the scarecrow and the snowman. Always consult with the studio with any ?'s as we try to make this event about you and what you want :) Studio # 419-413-0544

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